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Reflecta filmiskänner x7-Scan

Reflecta filmiskänner x7-Scan

  • Using the reflecta x7-Scan with 3200 dpi resolution, it is possible to scan with 14,0 megapixel besides films and slides also pocket films (110) and Instamaticfilms (126). The reflecta x7-Scan offers a 2,4“ LCD-display, an integrated SD/SDHC card slot and a Lithium-Ion battery which allows using the scanner completely independent from a pc or power supply, respective as stand-alone scanner.
  • The scans are directly stored on a SD/SDHC card, and can then be viewed without problems on a digital photo frame or be transferred to a computer via the USB port and USB-cable.
  • The brightness can be adjusted quickly using the correction button. The enclosed software is for image editing only.

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