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Spokey rannatelk Beach Screen Stratus UV40 (926784)

Spokey rannatelk Beach Screen Stratus UV40 (926784)

Are you going on a holiday by the sea and you don't want anything to disturb your peace while you relax? Be sure to reach for this Spokey beach tent! The model will provide perfect protection against wind and sun. It is also worth taking this tent with you on a mountain hiking, camping or city trip. This product is also an ideal solution for parents who take their children to the seaside and want to protect them from strong sunlight. The tent is equipped with a quick and automatic folding system, and after folding it takes up little space, which makes transport and storage much easier. A waterproof floor will protect the interior from moisture. An additional advantage is the protection system against UV 40 rays. The model is white and blue. Get ready to relax outdoors and reach for this Spokey beach tent!

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