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Kärcher survepesur K7 Power Home

Kärcher survepesur K7 Power Home

  • Kärcher survepesur K7 Power Home
  • The K 7 Power is equipped with a water-cooled motor and was built for frequent cleaning jobs and heavy soiling, such as those encountered on paths, swimming pools, bicycles or large cars. The rich equipment package ranges from a gun with practical Quick Connect connection, a considerable 10 m high-pressure hose and a reliable water filter to protect the pump, to a Vario Power Spray Pipe (VPS) and a dirt cutter with rotating spot jet. The pressure setting on the VPS can be varied literally in the twinkling of an eye and the dirt cutter puts an end to even the most stubborn dirt. Other features include the Plug 'n' Clean cleaning agent system, the aluminium telescopic handle and the parking position for accessories ready to hand.

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